Thursday, November 8, 2018

What are web templates

What are web templates?

 A website template or web template is a pre-designed webpage  that can be used to "plug-in" their own text content and images to create any website . Generally built with HTML and CSS code, website templates allow anyone to set up a website without hiring a professional web designer or developer, however, many developers create website templates for their clients.This allows someone to create a valuable personal or business website that can be listed in the search engine so that users can search for your specific product or service. In the case of the Olavo website templates, each design we provide is self contained downloadable website that you can use to "plug-in" your text and image content.  

About HTML and CSS Design

 Both HTML and CSS are plain text code languages ​​used to allow web browsers to serve webpages as designs. For more detailed information see HTML and CSS. Current revisions are HTML5 and CSS3 which are known as "web standards".

What are HTML web templates?

 A website template is a pre-built website composed of HTML pages, which includes support files for integrated styles, text content and font styles, and javascript. The end user plugs his information, text and images in pre-designed design and then uploads to the web hosting account to watch over the Internet.Template designs, such as those provided by Olvbko, are self contained, or stand alone, have downloaded websites in the zip file format. This allows the buyer to use the website completely and freely, including all source code, stock photos and files.  An HTML web template can be created using HTML or XHTML and contains CSS and JavaScript code. In most cases PHP and ASP templates will also include HTML or XHTML code. HTML5 is the current version, though the previous version, HTML5 4.01 has been in use for many years and is still in use on many websites. The latest version of HTML5, created by WHATWG, October 28, 2014 became the official W3C Recommendation with formal approval. It is supported by all new web browsers and mobile devices and is widely used on many popular websites.  

What is a CSS Template?

 A CSS template is a website design designed using cascading style sheets (CSS) technology. Sheets of cascading styles allow web developers to easily format and style all the pages of a website at a time. CSS will also be used as it is all seen in the same way by the browser.
CSS templates allows advanced browser and platform compatibility. This means that your website will look perfect in Windows, Unix, Mac, Linux, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers. Each CSS template is tested on multiple platforms to ensure best compliance with all requirements.
Style Sheets provide the easiest way to create default font styles for HTML. Therefore, you can modify the entire text and link colors on all pages while editing only a single CSS file! CSS makes your coding a lot easier because you do not need to label the formatting tags again and again. This streamlined code reduces fast download times and bandwidth usage.
CSS templates have compatibility with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage as well as many other web editors. This technique is easier and faster to use than HTML coding. instead of tables, blocks are used in CSS templates. And you can move the content block by dragging and dropping them into your HTML editor. In addition, these tags are considered better by javascript and other web programming languages.

 CSS technology is a great step in web development. Different content and presentation also adds more flexibility to your website. You will not have any problems with the future revision of your website. All templates are based on technologies and standards that make your website more user-friendly.