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13 Best Indian Affiliate Networks and Programs

There are many ways in which a person can earn money on the web. One of the most popular and effective ways to make money on the internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing basically means promoting someone's product or presenting it on your website or blog.
In affiliate marketing, register with affiliate trader and share the links of their products on their web page. When a customer buys something using a shared link, the affiliate gets some commission.
In the past 10 years, Affiliate Marketing India has gained a lot of speed. Various global and Indian centric affiliate programs have emerged. It is impossible to ignore that there are many international products in the market which attract Indian audiences.

1. Amazon India affiliate program

Amazon India is the pioneer in Indian e-commerce. With high commission rates, high website conversion rates and average order value Amazon each affiliate marketers dream. You can sign up for this affiliate program using your current Amazon account.
Once you sign up as an affiliate, you have presented a set of tools to speed up your affiliate marketing product research and link building. Using the SiteStripe toolbar, you can create an affiliate link on any page on You can also tweet or share the Facebook product affiliate link.
You are also provided a list of desktop and mobile-optimized banners that can be promoted in different sections of your blog. You can generate product links with images and embed code within posts to increase click-throughs.
Depending on the product purchased, you can earn the commission by 0.2% to 10%You can see the commission rates here by category.

You can sign up here for Amazon Affiliate Program

2.Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart is one of the earliest eCommerce site in India. They have an established brand and trust in the mind of Indian consumer. There are millions of products and high conversion rates. There are different commission rates for different products.Commission rates may vary, if users land on the site or buy products through mobile apps. Commission rates for different user transactions are different. You can make commission rates by product and device here. You can also earn commission for each app install
Flipkart offers a bunch of tools to make life easier for an affiliate marketer. It has a ready set of product links, banners and widgets that you plug into your site. You can also embed Flipkart product search within your blog.
You can sign up here for Flipkart Affiliate Program

3.Jabong affiliate program

If you have a fashion-centric website or blog, then Jabong affiliate program is one of the best to promote through your content. With a wide range of latest and modern fashion apparel and accessories for men, women and children, great customer experience and timely delivery; Jabong is a paradise for fashionists and fashion bloggers.
At present, whenever a new user clicks on a affiliate link on your site, you can earn up to 10.12%. You can use Banner, Widgets or Links to promote Jabong affiliate program through your site. You can also promote it through email, POP, social media, Facebook and native advertisements.

4.ShopClues affiliate program

With more than 8.5 million products in another popular Indian online marketplace, Shopclose boasts a business base of more than 3.5 lakhs. It brings its customers to the Sunday Fly Market, Wednesday Super Saver Market, regular festival sales and products at wholesale prices. Products at this discounted prices are USPs of this online store.
Which makes its companion program very easy to publicize among the public. The shopclose affiliate program is 7.65% per sale for fashion, footwear, travel and luggage, motor vehicles, sports and health, home and kitchen. You can check commission rates for other product categories here.

5. Big Rock affiliate program

Bigrock is one of the top domains and hosting vendors in India. They have an affiliate program with high commission payments. The big advantage of this affiliate program is the bold portfolio of those products which add to the top of each other. For example, you can sell any of these great products and services- Domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, DIY website builder tools and digital certificates. The reader who bought the domain using your affiliate link also wants to buy web and email hosting. You can sell these plans to the same reader and make more commission. If you have a blog about blogging or web technologies and marketing then signing up for Bigrock is a good step to form an affiliate commission. You can sign up here with Big Rock Affiliates.

6. Godaddy affiliate program

Godaddy is India-specific affiliate program near the world's leading domain name registrar. You can sign up for Godaddy Affiliate through affiliate networks like Zanox or Commission Junction. There is an affiliate program for signing up to Godaddy with a commission of 100% and a series of plans and products. Godaddy has a complete suite of webmaster launches and tools needed to increase your business online. Godaddy is a high commission on domains, host plans, email accounts, and reseller plans. The best part about Godadi is its customer support which is available 24/7. The best part is that there are more than 100 readymade in Godaddy, which are high click-through banners which can be kept using a simple copy paste code on your website.

7. Hostgator affiliate program

Hostgator is a long-running popular hosting service. Hostgator has its own office and server to meet Indian audiences. Hostgator India has an affiliate program with a commission payment of 1250 per sale. Despite the chosen plan, the hostgator pays you a minimum of 1250 rupees. This payment increases when you sell more. Hostgator is a trustworthy service and due to its brand value, it may be easy to convert your users into buyers. All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate and use the high converting banner provided on your blog.
Sign up here as a Hostgator Affiliate.

8.Bharat matramani Affiliate

Bharatmatramani is one of the leading marriage brands in the country. You can advertise weightlines on your website and start earning from your affiliate program. You can choose from different types of advertising tools such as banners, text links, search widgets, RSS feeds, etc. The best part is that it does not really require any investment from your end. You get an opportunity to advertise the premium regional and its 15 regional domains, which are being paid for each valid profile registered through your site.
It provides monthly release of payments. You get special report access to track your earnings. You can get 25% commission for each paid subscription.

The wedding affiliate program is one of the most unique partner programs in India. You just need to run or run the website, and you can earn profit from offers you 75% revenue share and an opportunity to provide additional 25% bonus opportunities. You can generate commission with each subscription. All you need to do is display banner / text link on your website and promote It provides easy payment and real-time reports. 

Yatra. Com is the country's leading online travel company. It also has the option of affiliate marketing like many popular e-commerce websites. It provides commission on every booking generated through your link. This affiliate program is a great opportunity for travel bloggers. Generally, passionate people travel through such many blogs in search of better deals on travel. Therefore, traveling can prove to be a good option to associate. It provides commission from INR 120 to INR 600 on each such booking.

11.TripAdvisor Affiliate Programs

If you have a travel blog or a blog about travel experiences you would like to sign up for the TripAdvisor Affiliate program. There are benefits of this program. To assist you in making additional cash, the commission is 50% higher with special incentive programs. Higher conversion as deep link with 5,00,000 city and hotel pages. You will be given a set of banners and widgets placed on your website to run clicks and commissions.
To become part of the program, you will have to sign up with the TripAdvisor on the Commission Junction.

12.MakeMyTrip Affiliate Programs

If you are hosting an online travel guide, travel blog and travel website, or even some travel blog posts on your site. Then make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to promote MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program through your content. MakeMyTrip is the most popular, reliable and hassle free travel portal among travelers. And high commission rates that it provides to its partners, and it becomes also preferred among the content creator .

13.Nearbuy  Affiliate Programs

Nearbuy is India's first online local search forum, where you can find the best places to eat, drink, relax, party, entertain, stay and more. Its reach in more than 35 cities in India is in 18+ categories with more than 1 lakh places. This makes Nearbuy Affiliate Program very flexible. It lends easily to different types of material, whether it is related to travel, beauty, personal welfare, entertainment, food and local going etc. It does not matter what your blog or site is, you may still be able to promote nearbuy affiliate programs through it.


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